Remember this popular game from the sixties? Back then online-distraction simply didn’t exist.
“Mum”, I am bored I remember saying repeatly during the week days. With a sigh she fetched a game and it often turned out to be Memory. How I loved this game because of the nicely coloured cards. Especially the adult version contained plenty of beautiful pictures. Winning was something else of course. My elderly sister often captured victory right under my nose and I ended up crying…

How these pictures of our youth stay put in our memories, proves my latest top design Mrs. Hedgehog.
Already drawn to animals back then, it just found a safe spot in my mind. So when I returned home from my first Vogue Knitting experience in the US, New York, with beautiful skeins in deep dark red and speckled green purchased at Periwinkle Sheep, the hedgehog appeared out of nowhere. The green speckles reminded me of its picture. Scrambling through my old stuff I found it (thanks to my mum who kept it all along)! Amazing how those tiny details get stuck into your head!

Browsing through the internet I read several sites on colors having the ability to jog your memory. That is exactly what happened to me. Let me just quote color expert Kate Smith when she says: “Other times a color, or maybe more correctly a color in a specific context, can take us through the millions of images in our mind and locate exactly where we’ve seen that color before.” Interesting!

Especially for knitters or other peeps who dwell on colour choices every time and again.
For those who wonder what happened to the skeins and the hedgehog, tada watch me on this picture!

Yoke sweater with hedgehog motifs

Mrs. Hedgehog Top

Detail Hedgehog Top

Detail Hedgehog Top